The Joys of Bird Watching Revealed

Mar 11th 2008

Have you ever gone bird watching? Bird watching or “birding” is simply the act of watching birds in their natural habitat. This was what Ms. Alice Villa-Real, Vice President of the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines, shared with the participants of the recent Coffeehouse Environmental Forum, held at the Lagerwey Hall (the CFA Auditorium) last February 29th.

She described her personal experience of bird watching as a life-changing activity, which has affected every area of her life because it always has an element of surprise. She said that birds can be found anywhere and the best time to go bird watching is during early mornings or late afternoons. Ms. Real also cited ten reasons to go bird watching: for happiness, fun and adventure, for the birds themselves, discovery, travel, the great outdoors, solitude, companionship, exercise, and it doesn’t cost much. The equipment or “tools of the trail” needed for this activity are a pair of binoculars, field guide, bottled water, snacks, backpack, insect repellant lotion, sunscreen, small notebook and a pen.

Mr. Mike Lu, President of the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines, on the other hand, emphasized that each species of bird has a role to play in the balance of nature. He also presented pictures of the different common and rare birds in the Philippines. Mr. Lu also introduced their organization to the audience and the various activities they hold such as guided trips and the Philippine Bird Festival.

As part of his opening remarks, Fr. Fil Pelingon, MSC, CFA President, remarked that bird watching is a very exciting and thrilling hobby, which gives extraordinary joy and therapeutic relief in many ways. However, he gave emphasis on people’s obligation, accountability and responsibility to conserve birds and to guard them against hunting.

CFA’s Coffeehouse Series of Environmental Fora is sponsored by Stichting Little Philippines (Netherlands). It is usually held ten times a year, around the last Friday afternoon of the month.

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