Board of Trustees Re-elected

Dec 20th 2007

F oundation members gathered at CFA for their annual meeting last November 9, 2007, and re-elected the CFA Board of Trustees for another one-year term 2007-08. The officers of the CFA Board were also re-elected, retaining Fr. Tito Maratas, MSC, as chairman, Fr. Filoteo Pelingon, MSC, as President, Fr. Abundio Babor as Vice President, and Fr. Leonardo Cabrera as Treasurer. Other re-elected members of the Board were Ambassador Henrietta T. de Villa, Bishop Jesus Cabrera, Grace Freires, Lulu M. Virtusio and CFA Executive Director, Teresita Z. Hermano.

Aside from the election of the CFA Board of Trustees, Foundation members discussed several important matters: 1) the annual report by the President, 2) the Executive Director’s report on CFA operational highlights, including special projects, funding overview and the visit of Stichting Little Philippines (SLP) Board in January 2008; 3) the CFA financial report for the past year and budget for the next year, 4) organizational development, and 5) CFA corporate membership.

The Board noted with appreciation the success of new CFA projects such as the Peace Camp and traveling exhibit, the Voters’ Education video and forum project and the Pondo ng Pinoy video programs and booklets.

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