Fr Malone to Return for Film and Faith 2

Oct 31st 2007

I n the cinema industry, every successful film spawns a sequel. After the Communication Foundation for Asia’s successful seminar on Film and Faith in January 2007, there is also a sequel in the works. In January 2008, Fr Peter Malone, MSC, returns to CFA for Film and Faith 2, a seminar on movies for values education.

The upcoming event is slated for the weekend of January 12-13, 2008 at the CFA Auditorium in Sta. Mesa. The seminar will be based on material from two of Fr Malone’s latest books: Can Movies Be A Moral Compass? (2005) and Lights…Camera…Faith! The Ten Commandments (2006). Among the topics expected to be discussed are: Moral Values and the Spiritual Compass, Moral Dilemmas and the Ten Commandments, Sci-Fi and the Ethics of Modern Science, Movie Angels and Devils, the Heroic Myth, Priests as Heroes and Anti-Heroes.

Fr. Peter Malone is an Australian Missionary of the Sacred Heart and renowned media educator, published film critic and internationally-known speaker, as well as a consultant to CFA. His vast knowledge of film lore and his passion for media use in evangelization turned CFA’s first Film and Faith seminar into what many of the 116 participants considered to be a memorable journey of faith.

CFA is also planning to organize another seminar with Fr. Malone in the Visayas on January 15-16, reprising the contents of the very first seminar on Film and Faith held at CFA earlier this year. Seminar topics include The Jesus Films, Christ Figures and Symbols, and Movies for Evangelization.

Slots will be limited. There will be a fee to cover costs. Those interested to join may contact the CFA Training Department at 713-2732 or 713-2972, or text 0910-6574065, or email and

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