Church Workers Discover The World of Flash

JULY 16TH 2007

While it seems that technology is outpacing the Church, the latter is determined to keep up — and is, in fact, doing a great job. This resolve to continuously position their work in a high-tech world was clearly demonstrated by 15 participants of the Workshop on the Use of Macromedia Flash for Evangelization. The 5-day training, which was funded by the Pontifical Society for the Propagation of the Faith through SIGNIS, was held at the CFA Computer Laboratory last June 4-8, 2007.

Mr. Noel T. De Leon, Director of CFA Training, Electronic Media and Catechetical Resource Cluster served as trainer to 12 Church workers, 2 staff members of the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP) and a religious member from the Episcopal Commission on Catechesis and Catholic Education (ECCCE). The group was very enthusiastic about Flash, which is often regarded as the “poor man’s animation program”. During the training, participants first learned about Basic Computer Graphics, which even those not usually inclined to artwork and drawing enjoyed. Wesley Salvador, computer technician of the Diocese of Tabuk quips, “I used to hate sketching or drawing, yet being introduced to flash and its power to create images on the computer screen turned that aversion into fascination. Also, I am most thankful about the fact that our diocese, even in a far-flung area, has availed of this privilege to bring technology to our work of evangelization.”

As an essential Flash feature, Desktop Audio Recording and Editing also kept the participants busy. The hands-on and participatory approach of the workshop enabled them to appreciate better every detail about Flash. Added to the fact that Macromedia Flash is an easy-to-learn program, despite being a robust authoring software, the step-by-step process adopted by Mr. De Leon maximized learning among the participants. This also makes possible an effective echoing of the workshop back in their respective dioceses and offices – a fact that was most appreciated by George Santiago, staff of the Social Communications Office of the Prelature of Libmanan. He is expected to teach whatever he learned to his director and co-workers as soon as he is back in the community.

With Flash animation as an additional skill in their technological know-how, the participants are more empowered in their different ministries. As Rev. Fr. Jovin Grimaldo, Assistant Social Communications Director of the Diocese of Boac put it, “we can better influence our parishioners because they are in touch with the Church.”