Making Journalists Out of Ordinary Juans and Juanas

April 7th 2016

C onvinced that only the ordinary man (and woman) on the street, in the field or in the factory, can accurately report about his (or her) needs and situation, the Communication Foundation for Asia is holding a seminar-workshop on citizen journalism.

Titled OURNEWS: Empowering People Through Citizen Journalism, the workshop draws inspiration from recent events — including the Arab Spring, the East Indian Ocean Tsunami, Occupy Wall Street, and Typhoon Yolanda — where the bulk of the initial reporting was generated not by mainstream media but by plain folks.

More than 50 Asian and local participants will join the training, which lasts from April 4 to 8. The participants come from church organizations, non-government organizations and people’s organizations.

The course includes news and feature writing, digital photography and videography, and Web publishing.

OurNews is made possible by a grant from the Canada-based World Association for Christian Communication (WACC).