CFA Executive Director Heads Signis Jury at Portugal Filmfest

June 29th 2007

E very year for the past two decades, Signis, the World Catholic Association for Communication, has invited a panel of Catholic media producers and journalists to form a jury at Festroia, the international film festival in Portugal. This year, CFA’s Executive Director, Ms Terry Hermano was asked to serve as President of the five-member jury at the 23rd Annual Festroia, held in Setubal, Portugal on June 1-10, 2007. Other members of the Signis jury at the Festival consisted of journalists from Austria, Poland and Portugal.

The jury is tasked with the job of choosing the winner of the Signis Award for Best Film, based not only on the film’s artistic merit, but also on its depiction of Christian values, its sensitivity in handling difficult social issues, its honesty in portraying the ethical and moral dilemmas of the human soul. At the end of the Festroia, the Signis jury announced its choice of winner from among the 14 films in the competition category this year.

The Signis jury decided to give its award to “Late Bloomers” (Die Herbstzeitlosen), a comedy about four aging women in a conservative Swiss village in the Elemmental, which is shocked by the sexy lingerie business launched by a newly widowed 80-year old mother of the town pastor. Written and directed by young filmmaker Bettina Oberli, “Late Bloomers” is an affectionate portrait of pensioners who decide to regain control of their lives.

The Signis citation released by the jury read as follows: “This film sparkles with humor and insight, as it tells the story of an 80–year old widow in a small Swiss village who recovers not only her zest for life but also her creative individuality, with the help of other elderly women friends. In our youth–oriented movie culture, the film is a charming reminder that life definitely does not end at retirement age – that senior citizens have a valuable contribution and role in society, if the community respects their right to lead lives with dignity and a true sense of self-worth.”

The CFA Executive Director’s participation at the Portugal Film Festival was in preparation for the forum-cum-festival of Signis-award-winning films that CFA is planning to hold next year.

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