Pondo ng Pinoy Documentary: Moving Images, Touching Lives

June 12th 2007

P ondo ng Pinoy celebrates its third anniversary on June 16th with a program to be held at the De La Salle Greenhills, where CFA will premiere its newest TV production. The half-hour video documentary, “Pondo ng Pinoy and the Fullness of Life”, is part of the multimedia package produced by the CFA Electronic Media Department with the help of a grant from Missio, Germany. CFA is also making arrangements with TV Maria, the satellite and cable channel of the Catholic Church, to have the program broadcast this month.

Using examples of real-life stories shot in actual locations, the video documentary explains how Pondo ng Pinoy has developed and worked in various communities since it was first launched in June 2004. It effectively demonstrates how real people have been living out Pondo ng Pinoy’s theology of the crumbs—that is, sharing what little they have for others to live in dignity.

The new documentary also features fresh messages of inspiration from Cardinal Gaudencio Rosales, who chairs Pondo ng Pinoy, as well as from Msgr Gerardo Santos, who heads its Education Committee. CFA’s previous TV documentary on Pondo, which was produced in time for the PnP launch in 2004, served as the video primer on the church’s poverty alleviation program.

CFA is also producing an interactive CD which features inspirational lessons on the Pondo ng Pinoy catechism and simple games for young users. The CDs are intended for use by catechists and students as fun educational materials. They contain a variety of text, narration, sound, music, animation and video for a truly interactive program on Pondo ng Pinoy.

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