Pondo ng Pinoy Booklets To Be Distributed to GK Subscribers

June 12th 2007

T he Pondo ng Pinoy story is now out in illustrated booklet form. CFA has produced the full-color booklets in time for the third anniversary program of Pondo ng Pinoy in June, as well as for this school year´s first issue of Gospel Komiks Magazine.

CFA’s GK Magazine has around 80,000 subscribers, mostly students in various high schools all over the country. CFA’s plan to distribute the PnP booklets with its GK Magazines was endorsed wholeheartedly by the Pondo ng Pinoy Educational Committee, headed by Msgr Gerardo Santos. The decision makes it possible to save on distribution costs for the booklet. Reducing the size and number of pages of the booklets also allowed their printing in greater quantities.

The first issue of the booklet contains an illustrated primer on the Pondo ng Pinoy “theology of the crumbs”, as well as two inspirational comics stories based on actual cases of people who have supported Pondo. One of them is the story of Jay-jay, a five-year-old boy who campaigned faithfully for contributions to Pondo — until he succumbed unexpectedly to an illness.

The support of Missio, Germany facilitated CFA’s partnership with the Archdiocesan Catechetical Ministry (ACM) in Manila for the Pondo communication campaign. The illustrated booklets are part of a multi-media package being produced by CFA to bring the Pondo spirit into the homes of every Filipino family.

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