"CFA Announces Organization Clusters and Appointments

Apr 30th 2007

CFA has accelerated its revitalization program by announcing new steps to streamline operations while continuing to expand the reach of its communication mission. After a series of planning sessions starting with the annual Strategic Planning meetings in mid-January, to the departmental planning meetings in February, CFA’s Executive Director Terry Hermano unveiled the creation of clusters, which group together interrelated departments.

One cluster is that of Fin-Ad, composed of Finance, Facilities and Management Services and the Human Resources Departments. Mr. Paul Sedillo, CFA Finance Director, now heads the Fin-Ad Cluster. Another is the group of Electronic Media, Catechetical Resources and Training Departments, which are now under one cluster, headed by Mr. Noel de Leon. The third cluster is composed of Sales and Publications, now headed by former Publications Consultant Ms. Cora Despabiladeras.

Ms. Rocks Sumera, who used to be the Executive Assistant, is now Officer-in-Charge of the Sales Department, replacing former Sales Director Mr. Santy Gacrama, who had asked to be transferred to Cebu. Mr Gacrama now fills the position of Regional Sales Supervisor for the Visayas-Mindanao region (VISMIN), with the objective of strengthening CFA’s VISMIN sales operations. After holding the position in an acting capacity for some time, Mr. Sean Siy has been confirmed as Regional Sales Supervisor of the National Capital Region and Luzon regions. Finally, the recently-vacated post of Sales Services Supervisor is now held by Ms. Veron Magante as Officer in Charge.

Handling the Training Department as Officer-in-Charge is its former Project Coordinator Ms. Bob Lopez. Mr. Paul Fernando, Editorial Assistant of Barkada Magazine, has been given an additional assignment as Office Administrator of the Publications Department. A CFA alumna, Ms. Chelo Vitug, has returned to CFA to become the new Project Research and Development Officer. She works with Ms. Alma Aro, who presently holds another position as Archivist aside from being Project Research Officer. Ms. Vitug and Ms. Aro will work together on the growing CFA project portfolio under the direct supervision of the Executive Director. Ms. Edel Carmela Subong will assume the post of Executive Assistant.

Another positive development at CFA has been the return to the Philippines of Fr Filoteo Pelingon, MSC, assuming his office full-time as President of CFA.

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