God Loves Me Just the Way I Am: Life’s Healing Journey Retreat

by Daryl Elize Bañez
4th April 2019

The LHJ participants contemplating on the activity given to them.

"What am I happy about today?” was the opening question asked to the 22 participants of the Life’s Healing Journey (LHJ) Retreat that took place on February 23–24, 2019. This event was made possible through the initiative of our Spirituality of the Heart Desk. MSC brothers, parish lay leaders, and workers of Sta. Quiteria and its Mission Groups joined the retreat. CFA President Fr. Filoteo Pelingon, MSC welcomed the participants and told them that they should experience the retreat from the heart, not from the head. Meanwhile, Fr. Edwin Borlasa, MSC talked about the history of the MSC, the LHJ and its ministry, and its connection to the spirituality of the heart. It was a two – day event intended for the participants to meditate, listen to various speakers, and participate in exercises that allowed them to address their hurts and pains. They also shared their own experiences and applied what they have learned in the talks. Fr. Edwin said that one participant told him that he taught he knew himself well, but didn’t realize that there were things about him that he only discovered in the said retreat. The retreat will also be echoed in the attendees own parishes. Hence, they tried to everything that happened in the retreat sessions.

Healing doesn’t happen overnight. One Life’s Healing Journey isn’t enough. It is a continuous process, a decision to recognize your pains and baggage, and surrendering everything to God. Do you have any excess baggage? Let go, and allow yourself to be healed. Life’s Healing Journey Retreat could help you. The second leg of the retreat will happen this coming April 2019.