Ambassador De Villa Joins CFA Board

DEC 4TH 2006

Ambassador Henrietta T. de Villa, the former envoy of the Philippines to the Holy See, is the newest member of the CFA Board of Trustees. She was elected in a recent meeting of CFA’s Foundation members or incorporators, which was held at CFA last October 30, 2006. Ambassador de Villa is also the chairperson of the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV), and is an active partner in some of CFA’s breakthrough projects.

The election of officers, which immediately followed, retained the same set of officers as last year. Fr Tito Maratas, MSC, remains the chairperson of the Board, while Fr Filoteo Pelingon is the President. The Vice-President is Fr Abundio Babor and the Treasurer is Fr Leonardo Cabrera. Other members of the Board, aside from the four officers and newly elected member Ambassador de Villa, are Lulu Virtusio, Grace Freires and CFA Executive Director Teresita Hermano.

The Board of Trustees deliberated on two major agenda items: the proposed Charter governing the relations between CFA and the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart (MSC) and the matter of corporate membership in CFA. The Board agreed in principle with the basic premises of the draft rationale and summary of the Charter as presented. However, the draft would only serve as background material and guideline for the legal document that still has to be framed for the final Charter.

On the issue of corporate membership, this is provided for in the new CFA By-Laws, but no group or entity has yet been elected as a corporate member under these By-Laws. A corporate member of CFA will be invited to appoint a representative to sit in the Board. First on the list of possible corporate members of CFA is the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP). For the past few years, the head of the CBCP Episcopal Commission on Social Communications and Media has been a member of the CFA Board, and the Board agreed that this practice should be institutionalized.

The meeting also gave Board members an opportunity to get an update on current projects, activities and funding of CFA. The Board commended CFA on the progress it has made towards revitalization and a more dynamic fulfillment of its mission.