CFA Pursues Environmental Awareness

NOV 12TH 2006

Following its “green” year in 2005, when it launched the Coffeehouse Environmental Series, CFA is preparing to take on the challenge of environmental advocacy in 2007. Set for the entire year is a second round of environmental fora, which are aimed at raising consciousness on the most critical local and global environmental issues today.

The Coffeehouse Environmental Forum was conceived by the Training Department essentially as an information campaign. It caters to the need of various sectors for a common ground for involvement in environmental protection. It is a monthly forum wherein an environmental expert tackles an issue and stirs people to action. CFA maintains its network of environmental organizations and groups and continues to participate in the Earth Day movement by providing media support.

Scheduled to kick off the 2007 Coffeehouse series is the February offering, “Church and the Environment”. This will substantially cover sustainable development issues as well as the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA).