CFA To Upgrade Training Facilities

OCT 16TH 2006

Soon, training participants and visitors at CFA will enjoy greater comfort and service during their stay.

CFA has just received a pledge of support from Stichting Little Philippines (Netherlands) for the renovation and improvement of its training facilities, which include the auditorium, dormitories, guest rooms and workshop rooms. The pledge is in recognition of the major gains made by CFA in the fulfillment of its mission goals in the past two years.

The upgrade of facilities will help CFA in its effort to revive its outreach to Asia. The Training Department is now planning events, seminars and conferences at CFA, which may include Asian participants.

Among the activities planned by CFA in 2007 are the Film and Faith Seminar to be conducted by internationally known media educator and film reviewer Peter Malone, MSC, and a possible Asian Women’s Film Festival which will serve to follow up the successful Feminist Centennial Film Festival held in 2005. There will also be a second round of communication training for diocesan media directors from 2007-2008. The upgrade of CFA’s training facilities will be completed in time for these and other activities.

The dormitories and other training facilities were originally completed in 1978, when CFA’s distinctive brick building was inaugurated. Since then, only minor changes have been made. Earlier this year, SLP also helped CFA acquire new equipment for the auditorium sound system.