CFA Helps Tech Company Employees to Strengthen Values

Oct 13th 2006

L ast summer, CFA employees underwent an intensive seminar on redefining institutional values. This month CFA’s Training Department has agreed to help Microcadd Technologies strengthen its own values through a Values Enhancement Workshop for its employees.

The workshop, which was attended by instructors of Microcadd, was held in Caliraya, Quezon on October 17-18, 2006. Ms. Bob Lopez, CFA’s Training Supervisor, conducted the workshop.

The two-day workshop was designed to provide an opportunity for employees to discover their strengths in their respective line of work. This was accomplished through values clarification and personal mission statement and vision-mission alignment sessions. The objective was to teach the participants to value their gifts of person, build better relationships and communicate more effectively. This mirrors the strategy of effective communication, which is: “Listen to understand and speak to be understood.”

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