Veritas Pilipinas for a Socially Responsible Church

Sept 1st 2006

V eritas Pilipinas, a magazine program of the Catholic Media Network is aired over Radio Veritas Manila 846 kHz from Monday to Friday at 6 to 7 in the morning. It has the theme “Social Concerns of the Church”. The program is not limited to faith issues. It tackles morality, pressing political matters and CBCP statements. The program makes use of interviews and spontaneous discussions to substantiate news reports.

CFA contributes to Veritas Pilipinas by producing one-minute snippets called “Magandang Balita” and “Ang Susunod na Kabanata”. These are brief accounts of real people and heroism. Fr. Francis Lucas, CMN President, is program host, together with Ariel Ayala. Fr. Lucas is also a partner of CFA in its Diocesan Media Directors Training Series Project. CFA and CMN have recently tied up for the Radio Community Workshop held in CFA.

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