A Film and Faith Seminar with Fr. Peter Malone

Sept 1st 2006

A sians are generally a moviegoing people. Popular films can be harnessed to teach people about faith.

CFA will open 2007 with a seminar in mid-January entitled “Film and Faith: A Seminar on the Use of Popular Films for Evangelization and Church Edification”. CFA plans to distill Gospel messages in films through the expertise of Fr. Peter Malone, a London-based Australian MSC priest. Fr. Malone is an educator and theologian, with a commitment to cinema and the spirituality found in it. He is the author of The Film, Films and Values, Movie Christs and Antichrists and Cinema Down Under, A Movie Lectionary.

Fr. Malone intends to teach film criticism, popular films survey and movie exegesis. The three-day seminar will be public. It is especially open to catechists, academicians, diocesan media workers and directors, heads of seminaries and media practitioners. Asian participants will be invited to the seminar. Funding for the “Film and Faith Seminar “ could come from SIGNIS.

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