Creative Dramatics Workshop

Apr 22nd 2006

A well-scripted, well-performed drama can communicate as effectively as any other modern means of communication. With this in mind, the Communication Foundation for Asia (CFA) hosted a Dramatics Workshop on 18-21 April 2006, as part of the Media Training Series for Diocesan Media Directors. The trainers were Ernesto Cloma and Cecile Garrucho, both from the renowned Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA). Twenty-six (26) priests, seminarians and lay leaders from all over the Philippine archipelago participated in the five-day workshop. The trainers encouraged them to use dramatics not just to build community but also to proclaim the Gospel.

The Dramatics Workshop proved to be effective in utilizing the theatrical experience to develop bonds of community and fellowship among the participants as well as to explore and deepen their spiritual relationships and understanding. The training ended with a public presentation attended by the CFA personnel and showcased 5 innovative presentations based on true experiences of the participants and reflections on various themes and societal issues.

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