Video Seminar for Diocesan Media Directors

Mar 13th 2006

T wenty-six diocesan media directors from all over the Philippines came to CFA last week to attend a six-day (06-11 March) seminar on digital video production. The seminar was designed to give diocesan media directors an introduction to both the technical and artistic concepts and issues in digital video.

Digital video has evolved not only as a process and tool for artistic expression and communication, but also for education, evangelization and social conscientization. Thus it is only fitting that diocesan media directors be given a chance to explore this art-form and develop a familiarity with the tools and techniques available.

The 26 participants, composed mostly of diocesan priests, were divided into four groups. The first day of their training focused on the basics of pre-production, like scriptwriting and storyboarding. On the second day the participants explored the concepts in camera work, lighting, sound, setting, rhythm, texture, compositing and logging. The third day was dedicated to digital audio-video editing. The participants did both studio and location shooting on the fourth day. Then the edited their raw audio and video recordings on the fifth day of the seminar. On the last day, the participants presented their finished videos to their peers and some invited guests.

Group 1 presented a music video entitled “Awit Ng Buhay”, an original composition by one of its members. Group 2 featured the “Alay Kapwa” and dedicated it to the mudslide victims in Southern Leyte. Group 3 did a five-minute documentary on the University of the Philipines. And group 4 showed a 45-second values plug.

Please click here for pics taken during the seminar. If you prefer to view the pics as a slideshow, please click here.

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