SLP Grant Boosts CFA’s Video/Audio Capability

Feb 21st 2006

A grant of €100,000 from Stichting Little Philippines (SLP) of the Netherlands in December 2005 enabled CFA to acquire new video and audio equipment. With the endowment, CFA purchased two Sony digital video cameras, a digital switcher, new lights for its TV studio, new mixing equipment for its audio studio, a new video editing platform, and a public address system for its auditorium, among others.

SLP was launched in the 1970s by Fr. Cornelio Lagerwey, founder of CFA. For many years, SLP was headed by Nic Lagerwey, Fr. Cornelio’s brother. Its present board chairperson is Antonia Willemsen.

SLP board member Wim Wenke and his wife Lita recently visited CFA in Manila to have a first-hand familiarization with CFA’s activities.

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