Big Turnout for "Maskara" Premiere

June 30th 2015

Cast and crew of "Maskara" meet the public during the gala premiere June 26.

A huge crowd representing academe, civil society, Church, local government, media and showbiz nearly filled the seats of SM Edsa North’s Cinema 2 for the gala premiere of CFA’s “Maskara” June 26.

The premiere marked the first public showing of CFA’s comeback movie after qualifying in the New Filipino Cinema section of the World Premieres Film Festival. Also in attendance were the film’s cast and crew, including Ina Feleo, Lance Raymundo, Ping Medina, Rollie Inocencio, Chi Datu-Bocobo, and director Genesis Nolasco. In a Q&A that followed the film showing, CFA executive director Noel de Leon explained that “Maskara” is about truth, “living in truth, searching for the truth, insisting on the truth, and standing up for the truth.”

He said that the film is basically for young people. “Kids spend 10-15 years in school,” he pointed out, “where they learn honesty, integrity, fair play, love of God, and respect for fellowmen. But when they leave school, they are told, ‘Forget what you learned in school. It’s a jungle out here. You must steal from the next guy before he steals from you. If you get caught, cover up, whitewash, say you’ll explain in the proper forum.'”

By this movie, he continued, CFA wants to tell young people that they should not let the world change them; it’s they who should change the world.

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