Mid-Year Strat Plan held Successfully

Article by: Au Celada

SEPT 4th 2017

Communication Foundation for Asia’s powerhouse (management team, the operational committee and some senior supervisors) gathered together on July 20-21, 2017 at the Sulo Riviera Hotel for their MID-year review and planning. The group assessed their goals for 2017, identified what had been achieved or missed and re-set their plans for the remaining months of the year. Through the game called ZOOM, Vice President for Operations, Ms. Pie Mabanta encouraged everybody to work, communicate as a team and see the holistic perspective of CFA so that we can tell the same story of CFA. CFA President, Fr. Fil Pelingon, MSC, inspired everyone to continue to build teamwork, maintain the sense of belongingness and be involved proactively in the direction that CFA is heading. With the presence of a dynamic management team, he challenged the group to be innovative and adaptable to change to achieve our goals. Furthermore, the President said that with the enthusiasm, passion and optimism expressed by everyone during the mid-year review and planning, CFA has yet to bloom further, with the reformulated goals as take off point in moving forward.