WACC-Asia Brings to Fore Access To Communication Technology, Rights for Marginalized Peoples

AUGUST 12TH 2014

Last May 22-25, 2014, the World Association for Christian Communication-Asia organized a regional Triennial Assembly in Manila. Forty-four Christian communicators from 15 Asian countries came together to learn from each other the issues, challenges and opportunities involved in realizing ‘communication for all.’

The Assembly participants committed themselves to do three important tasks in order to achieve access and equity of communication technology and rights for the marginalized peoples in Asia. The first is consciousness-raising, which entails the creation of programs that seek to raise awareness on communication rights in various platforms and spaces. The second, campaigning for advocacy, puts focus on communication rights of marginalized sectors and sections of society. The last is engagement, which focuses on rekindling effective communication within the region, including establishing appropriate platforms and mechanisms to foster continuing dialog, enlightenment, mutual learning and understanding of shared contexts and encounters.

WACC-Asia placed communication and multimedia as the driving point for their global development agenda. Taking full advantage of communication technologies will make a difference in providing genuine development while addressing the issues of the digital divide, they said.

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