2014 Catechetical Congress Focuses on New Evangelization

MARCH 12TH 2014

The new socio-cultural situation of our young people today is different from the socio-cultural situation that produced the content and catechetical approaches that we are using today. It is the same Jesus that we proclaim yesterday, today and tomorrow. But we need to proclaim Him in a new way; we need to propose Him to our young people today in a new and fitting way, in their own time today.

CFA’s 2014 Catechetical Congress/Seminar-Workshop aims to discover new methodologies, new techniques, new strategies towards New Evangelization by (as Pope Francis urges) “making a mess of our being church”. On this mess of the church that looks towards the world, rather than towards itself, we build the Church of the Poor.

This year’s Catechetical Congress will be given by four well known resource speakers. Fr. Amado Picardal, CSsR/STD, secretary of the CBCP Commission on Basic Ecclesial Communities will lead the talk about Family Life and Basic Ecclesial Communities. Sacred Scripture and Biblical Grounding will be discussed by Sr. Gemma Victorino, PDDM, PhD Sacred Scripture Professor and Provincial Superior of PDDM Philippines and CFA’s own Training and CRC Director Fr. Ben Alforque, MSC. The last speaker is Dean Rolando Tolentino of the University of the Philippines. He who will a talk about culture and the current socio-cultural situation of the young people.

Held yearly in two batches, the first session will start on April 27 and will end on May 2, while the second batch is from May 18-23. Registration is now going on for both sessions. Registration fee includes lodging and meals for five days. Please click here to download the registration form.

For further information, please contact CFA-CRC at telephone numbers 7132738 or 713-2981 to 85, locals 151 and 152. Or email: catechetics@cfamedia.org.