CFA Sets Eyes on Animation

MARCH 11TH 2014

Three days a week, for about an hour each time, four young Artists from CFA’s Publications Department meet, with the aim of moving up from the static magazine illustrations they have been accustomed to, and migrating to the world of moving and talking images—animation.

CFA has long wanted to produce animated shorts and features, partly because, as one Management official said, “animation and young people invariably go together, and young people make up our primary target audience.” CFA also has a large treasure trove of comics stories and illustrations created over so many years—waiting to be translated to another medium.

Several years ago, CFA produced several episodes of “Gospel Komiks—The TV Series,” an attempt to combine animated stories from its printed Gospel Komiks, with live discussions of the Gospel by selected high school students. Because of limited production time and resources, the animation was limited to camera movements like pans and zooms.

This time, using the same software that commercial animators use, the four CFA Artists—Boogie Policarpio, Nikki Paje, Rhichie Pinpin and Bong Cafe–hope, by year’s end, to come up with something better–the first CFA animated short. “And from there,” the CFA official said, “it’s only a few steps away from games and apps, which CFA is also very much interested in doing.” But that’s another story.