Join CFA’s Lenten Recollection online on March 21

MARCH 10TH 2014

The Lenten Season is upon us. Considered as a time for introspection and sacrifice, Lent prepares Catholics to a time of repentance and reflection.

CFA’s Catechetical Resource Center, headed by Ms. Evelyn Alinea, has set the CFA community’s own Lenten Recollection on March 21 (Friday). Done yearly, the recollection sets the mood towards the days leading to Holy Week. For the entire CFA family it will be a time for prayer, reflection and spirituality.

The day will start off with the Way of the Cross within the CFA compound; this segues to a celebration of the Holy Mass at noon. During the afternoon, Training and CRC Director Fr. Ben Alforque, MSC will lead the Lenten recollection seminar.

The Lenten Recollection will go live on CFA Gospel TV account this March 21 at 8am. Click here to visit.