CFA brings Bokashi to the Diocese of Surigao

by Daryl Elize Bañez
2nd April 2019

Surigao del Norte – situated at CARAGA region in Mindanao, is one of the provinces in the country that has been facing various environmental issues. This concern has been identified by the Chevalier Family Lay Associates (CFLA) during the training that we conducted for them in 2017. Massive deforestation and the absence of solid waste management are the prevailing issues in their locality. Subsequently, this gave birth to the project that will enable Surigao del Norte to gain knowledge and skills in efficiently managing their solid waste. The title of the project is, “Towards a zero organic waste in the Diocese of Surigao.” Laudato Si, a social encyclical about our relationship with God, others, self and environment, has the subtitle “On care for our common home.” This concept is the guiding principle that we regard in CFA, which inspires us to share what we know about Bokashi composting. As we all know, Bokashi is a term that originated from Japan, which means, “good fermented organic matter.” Bokashi composting involves an aerobic process and it ferments organic waste material. The by-product of this is Bokashi soil and Bokashi juice. Bokashi soil is rich in nutrients that are vital to plants; while Bokashi juice can be used as an organic fertilizer. The Bokashi method and how the participants in the training, specifically the CFLA Surigao Chapter and the members of the Youth Ministry of the Diocese of Surigao will spread this campaign to their own households, diocese, and eventually to the whole Surigao is one of the objectives of this said project. This coming 2019, advocates of the Bokashi method will help them to transform their “throw away culture” into something more sustainable by having a “zero waste” mind set. A more intensive seminar workshop about Bokashi composting and how to create training materials will be discussed with them. We will equip them with knowledge that they will impart to their community by facilitating their own trainings and workshops.

Fr. Richie Gomez, MSC, the proponent of Bokashi Technology discussing with other MSC Priests and CFA team about their plan for the Bokashi Project in Surigao.


TWe will also conduct follow up lectures and trainings to ensure that they will continue to practice a zero waste lifestyle, and for us, to reaffirm that they are practicing the teachings of Laudato Si. This project is a continuous event that we are ecstatic to impart to the people of Surigao, as part of our advocacy in caring for the environment and serving our community that is pleasing in the sight of our creator.