Catechetical Congress


Catechetical Congress


Communication Foundation for Asia will hold its 29th Annual Catechetical Congress with the theme: TRAVEL BUDDIES: Journeying with the Young towards the joy of Love on April 22-26, 2019, Manila and on May 20-24, 2019, Cebu. A 5 days formative event for Catechists, Religion Teachers, School Administrators, Priests and Religious.

A Journey, a term used to describe this miracle we call LIFE. And every journey can onlybe made a better experience if it is shared with a buddy.

As the theme of this years CFA Catechetical Congress suggests, we as Catechists and Evangelizers, are called upon to be companions, not as guides, but someone that can be considered a buddy, a complement to the young, with whome they can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with as we all journey toward a common intention of acheiving joy through Gods love.

We, from the generations of Baby Boomers anf Generation X are illustrated in blue which symbolizes traits such as wisdom, composure, intellect and maturity also represents distance and aloofness; an air of unapproachability which, even though aable to clearly communicate, does not appear welcoming to a younger generation. A generation illustrated in yellow, which signifies energy, creativity, optimism and confidence to name a few, but also emotional fragility, feelings of fear and anxiety injected by a society, modern and digitally advanced yet driven by consumerism and lack of compassion. A society filled with so many options that can go in a myriad of directions. But will any of these destinations bring us real joy?

Likened tot his ages' #travelgoals(hahstag travel goals), life is an experience driven by an intent, a purpose, or shall we say, a destination where in we check-in to. A destination which grants us a sense of fulfillment, accomplishment... an understanding of the Joy of Love.