Katilingban sa Kalinaw Mindanao Reechoed!

2nd October 2019

The Sisters Association of Mindanao during their 23rd Congress

Katilingban sa Kalinaw Mindanaw” is a 3-year program which aims to unite the Filipino tri-youth (Lumads, Moros, and Christians) in Mindanao and motivate them to commit themselves to work and collaborate towards a common future marked by peace and well-being. We have recently done our own reechoing at the Lorenzo Ruiz Pastoral Center, Butuan City on August 23-24, 2019 during the Sisters Association in Mindanao (SAMIN) Congress. Due to the good feedback and animated stories heard from the participants of batches 1 and 2, SAMIN has invited us to reecho what the Katilingban sa Kalinaw Mindanaw is all about, in the intention to incorporate its ideals and objectives in their strategic planning.


The SAMIN sisters brainstorm to ideate and execute their plans.

“Katilingban sa Kalinaw Mindanao” is now on the next level; where commitments and responsibilities will be prioritized as the next step of the program. Determining who will participate in next year’s camp depends on how the recent attendees have actively responded to the challenges of the peace camp. Concretely, it means attendees of this year’s peace camp have already reechoed their learnings in their respective communities, have submitted all the necessary requirements, and have submitted their narrative reports on time. The convergence meeting among advocate partners has been set in the last week of September. The Peace Camp Mindanao is being spearheaded by the Youth Formation Desk through the support of Misereor. More exciting updates will be announced soon!