Cor Vitae explores core of pastoral communication

9th October 2019

For this year, Cor Vitae delegates learned new ways of evangelization. Eleven priests and nuns of MSC and FDNSC challenged themselves to a 2-week Pastoral Communicators training held at the Communication Foundation for Asia (CFA) last September 30 - October 11, 2019. Keeping up with the fast-paced advancement of modes of communication is vital, especially to the members of the Catholic church. MSC Philippines tapped us to guide the Cor Vitae team in exploring the trendy tools in communicating without losing the spirituality of communication.


Sr. Lovis Erastus, MSC interviewing Barangay Secretary Rizza San Jose

After witnessing the situation of the barangay, all groups presented programs that catered the needs of families and the environment.


Awarding of certificates to the Cor Vitae delegates

With their passion and eagerness, the Cor Vitae team enhanced their skills as pastoral communicators. All together we will reach more people and communities using media as the medium for evangelization. Thank you Cor Vitae for empowering the Catholic faith with us!