Life's Healing Journey Report

11th Novermber 2019

Life's Healing Journey aims to help people to deeply recognize their sorrows and pains, learn to forgive and find peace. Participants will undergo series of meditations, exercises, and prayers as part of their healing process.


CFA President Fr. Filoteo Pelingon, MSC welcomes the participants and reminds them that the retreat must be experienced from the heart and not from the head. Meanwhile, Fr. Edwin Borlasa, MSC gives a rundown on the history of the MSC, the LHJ and its ministry, and its connection to the spirituality of the heart. On the first day, they will be gently eased into the healing process. Opening up to strangers would be difficult so in order to make them feel comfortable, both participants and facilitators introduce themselves by telling their names and mentioning the things they are grateful for. The healing journey formally starts with a prayer and meditation allowing participants to reflect on a scene from the gospel. For the first lecture, they discuss the false images of God as such can be a serious blockage, hindering the healing journey