On media literacy and consumer awareness: Students showcase creativity during Spoof Ads 2019

12th December 2019

Participants listening to the discussion on ethical social media marketing

We worked together with Out of the Box (OOTB), a non-profit organization, to successfully hold the 2019 Spoof Ads Design Workshop & Competition last November 9. Through this event, 90 junior and senior high school students honed their creativity and critical thinking abilities as they learned how to analyze advertisements and responsibly engage with it. OOTB’s Spoof Ads is a yearly event anchored to media literacy and has been participated by over 300 students from more than 50 schools all over the country. This year, 45 teams spoofed several well-known tech brands, products, and services. Our President Fr. Filoteo Pelingon, MSC, opened the eyes of the participants to the alarming issues faced by the digital generation. Young professionals also taught them techniques in parodizing advertisements. Social Media Marketing Expert Anna Lorraine Galura gave a sneak peek on the business side of social media platforms and discussed ethics on social media marketing.

Students capture photos for the B+ Online campaign

In this digital age, huge corporations can easily take advantage of the personal information we put on the internet. Jessamine Joyce Pacis, a data privacy advocate, explained how corporations are involved in the unwarranted surveillance on our data during her Online Data and Privacy Protection discussion. There are several layers of data privacy in advertising, which includes declared data, observed data, and assumptions made based on our online activities. Raffy Diolanda from Media Advocacy Desk introduced the B+ Online campaign. We immersed them in our advocacy for online positivity through the B+ Online Photo Contest, which we organized for the first time for this event. Five photos relayed meaningful messages and became the winning entries. Students matched the photos with empowering caption that addressed social media issues. After gaining more knowledge and awareness on the social media platforms, RC Banares who has been in the advertising industry for a decade shared his expertise on copywriting and design. According to him, art and copy should work hand in hand. Advertisements are effective if they point out the truth on the advertisements to increase consumer awareness. Following the workshop, students conceptualized their own spoof ads, applying the techniques they learned throughout the day. OOTB Founders Sarah Torres and Marlon Nombrado explained the mechanics and criteria of the competition. On November 16, OOTB revealed the winning entries. Aside from hailing the top three winners, another entry with the most likes received the Audience Choice award.

1st place – “In Mobile: Life Ends” by Colegio de San Juan De Letran – Manila
2nd place – Order it? Pay for it.” by Jose Rizal University
3rd place – “The Apple Doesn’t Fall Too Far” by St. Scholastica’s Academy Marikina and “iRisk” by Marist School
Audience Choice award – “Online Baiting” by Manuel S. Enverga University






Each year Spoof Ads Workshop and Competition continues to develop the critical media literacy skills of the young students through critically deconstructing and creatively re-constructing advertisements and brands.