ZOW@Surigao: Meet the Green Storytellers

16th December 2019

Participants brainstorming effective communication plans for their communities

Last November 26-27, 2019, the ZOW@Surigao project in partnership with Missie Procuur, reached another milestone as CFA conducted a comprehensive communication training-workshop for the MSC community in the Diocese of Surigao. After previously undergoing a series of workshops and seminars mainly on eco-friendly practices, they proceeded to learn strategic communication, storytelling, visual arts and gamification of environmental education.

Participants brainstorming effective communication plans for their communities

Jr Bombarda of the Community Engagement Desk presented the gamification of environmental education. He explained the rationale of the gamification of learning using an environmental game. In this way, environmental education becomes a recreational and easy activity for everyone. In this workshop, we also encouraged them to maximize the use of their smartphones. They explored how to use mobile photography in illustrating and conveying stories about the environment. Moreover, the proper use of Microsoft Powerpoint was also included in the program by Raffy Diolanda of Media Advocacy Desk. He encouraged the participants to combine creativity and simplicity to be able to communicate their message effectively.


A participant taking outdoor photos during the mobile photography training

Through ZOW, different sectors within their community have collectively engaged to continue practicing eco-friendly activities. They have also reached out to IP communities as partners and beneficiaries of their projects. The ZOW program gradually flourished from the Diocese of Surigao and had been successfully re-echoed to other communities and continues to yield promising results for the environment and their community.


AA participant presenting an environmental logo including the message it embodies