Next Chapter: Discover another moral-filled story-telling journey

8th August 2019

Reaching out to communities entails touching the lives of people and leaving a positive impact that lasts a lifetime. As part its ongoing effort, the Communication Foundation for Asia visited the community of East Libis in Caloocan City to promote good morals, gospel and introduce them to meaningful activities under CFA.

Residents attended the mass held by our very own Fr. Edwin Borlasa, MSC in Our Lady of Fatima and Our Lady of Lourdes Chapel. In this visit, CFA also took this as an opportunity to introduce ongoing activities that will be beneficial to their parish and community such as the B+ Online Video contest and the National Inter-Parish Competition on Strategic Communication.


Most importantly, CFA made sure to interact with the children of East Libis. A total of 65 kids who are 12 years old and younger have gathered to the chapel for the feeding program on the afternoon. Before feeding their tummies, Mary Ann Crisostomo of CFA served a moral-filled story to the young ones. She narrated a fable about the inspiring friendship of a frog and fish, inculcating on their young minds the lesson of accepting people for who they are and looking beyond their physical characteristics.


After the story-telling, the children with their overflowing enthusiasm, answered questions regarding the fable. Having more energy left, they also joined fun games prepared just for them. As a reward, the kids were able to bring home copies of Gospel Komiks, ending the day with a grateful smile on their faces. The visit and story-telling session may just be a short chapter for them but it definitely helped in having an insightful moment in their own book called life.