November 28, 202012NN-3PM (PhST)




Jose Reuben Alagaran II, PhD                 

President, Philippine Association for 
Media and Information Literacy


Dir. Virginia Arcilla-Agtay  Director,

News and Information Bureau
Philippine News Agency

Magimai Pragasm, PhD

Director, Center for Communication and Mind Management

Head, Media Education Desk Signis Asia


Philip Lee 

General Manager, World Association
for Christian Communication 

Bhuson Tran 

Digital Desk, Signis Asia 


Clodualdo del Mundo, PhD 

Former Chairperson, Department of Communication,
De La Salle University



The forum gathered Media and Information Literacy (MIL)
experts in Asia and Filipino educators as they recognized the urgent need of having a critical understanding of digital literacy including the prevalent social media issues, and the emerging trends on how digital media is being used for viral misinformation. 

The Thought Leaders discussed these, emphasizing that the digital world affects every aspect of our lives.

Keynote Speaker Dir. Virginia Agtay stressed the importance of Communication Rights and described it as fundamental in exercising freedom of expression, along with other human rights.Dr. Jose Reuben Alagaran II, meanwhile, provided the overview and beneficial impacts of the integration MIL in the Philippine curriculum. Mr. Philip Lee expressed his vision for a society that promotes rights and inclusion especially for the marginalized people, as a way of achieving digital justice in the world where digital divide thrives.

Similarly, Dr. Magimai Pragasm posed a challenge of restructuring power relations and putting forward empowerment and inclusion. He encouraged citizens to promote social change from the bottom-up, creating space for people to define development and give meaning to and claim their citizenship. Mr. Bhuson Tran explained the beauty of establishing an authentic digital persona, citing that the best kind of communication is a genuine one. Dr. Clodualdo del Mundo presented eye-opening realizations on the current maelstrom occurring in communication as all users became potential source of communication. Technology has empowered the consumer to produce information, creating the prosumer. 

In this forum, our Thought Leaders highlighted the importance of investing in education, more specifically, in MIL, in helping individuals to develop critical thinking skills to distinguish manipulation and encourage them to rethink discriminatory media messages. It also enables them to add positive and socially inclusive content online as a way to balance the proliferation of divisive messages. Developing media and information literacy knowledge paves an avenue for individuals to become responsible digital citizens.