CFA Gospel Storytelling 2.0

CFA Gospel Storytelling 2.0


Summary: CFA Gospel Storytelling 2.0. We love to share and hear good stories. There are some stories which lasted hundreds and thousands of years but are still are being told. They can teach us, entertain us, and make us laugh and cry. As we continue our mission, Communication Foundation for Asia (CFA) launched one of its outreach programs - Gospel Storytelling. Storytelling plays a framing role in narrative that drives a mission forward. It is a powerful tool to introduce God, evoke faith and values, and touch people's heart. The Arts, Media Production, and Multimedia Departments of CFA lead the Gospel Storytelling to thirty (30) preschoolers from Barangay 592, Zone 8, Day Care, Sta. Mesa, Manila last August 31, 2018. Fun-filled activities were also given. But we do not want to stop there, we want to do more storying that provide solid biblical foundations which listeners can easily understand, apply, and respond to God's call to serve. We have once a month session in which each department takes turn.

The schedule of our next storytelling will be as follows:

• September 21, 2018
• October 18, 2018
• December 11, 2018
• January 18, 2019
• February 15, 2019
• March 15, 2019