Trainings and Seminars

Training completes the communication mission of CFA because it enables us to share and impart varied experiences and skills that we have accumulated over many years of development communication work. What we do, we also teach.

Our Training Department conducts workshops and conferences for specific groups such as church communicators, development workers, educators, students and alternative media practitioners, or for other people who may be interested in learning development communication skills. Our students and participants come from the Philippines and other Asian countries.

The training we provide is grounded in the words of CFA’s founder, Fr. Cornelio Lagerwey: “The science which uses communication to change and motivate people through education and inspiration towards development is development communication or simply, DEVCOM.” Its primordial approach is the unity of content and creative media.

CFA offers a wide range of seminar topics, from information technology, media writing and production, values formation, media for non-formal education, media advocacy and people empowerment. Some workshops are sponsored and conducted for specific groups, while others are open to the general public, although some may be subject to a registration fee.

Please click here to download the CFA Training Brochure.

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Trainings CFA