VOICES: Symphonies for Peace

December 2020


Peace building efforts truly transcends any cultural differences and geographical barriers. Our Peace Camp Series tapped not only local but also international peace advocates. The Voices (Symphonies for Peace) International Forum we held celebrated the journey of the Katilingban Tri-Youth participants. It also opened opportunities for them and other peace advocates in the Asian region to exchange insights and lessons on peace building and conflict resolution.

To also give the participants an experience similar to a face-to-face conference, we opened three different breakout rooms. They were able to enjoy music, arts, and culture of our Mindanaons through the online exhibit of the works of the Mindanao Tri-Youth. They wrote greetings of peace in our freedom wall. The peace advocates and our own staff had the chance to know one another better and have casual conversations on the lounge.

The discussion for each session was an informal but structured sharing with Asian Thought Leaders and experienced Peace Advocates. The Thought Leaders shared their sincere opinions and inspiring peace building experiences. Each of them showcased their valuable knowledge in youth leadership, spirituality, arts and media, and community action, a helpful way of learning one anothers peace building strategies.